Apricot Jam

Intense aroma, sweet to the right point with typical apricot sourish note.

Orange Marmalade

Sweet with bitter aftertaste, intense scent, traditionally worked with strictly fresh and selected oranges.

Cherries Jam

With a dark red but bright color, it’s known for the delicacy to the nose and sweetness with lovable peaks sourish to taste.

Figs Jam

It holds the extraordinary flavor of figs, sweet, aromatic, of great consistency, of strong personality.

Strawberries Jam

Soft and delicate, with a sweet taste and red color, attracts everyone’s curiosity.

Lemon Marmalade

With its golden yellow color, scented, the marmalade that best recalls spring, with its unmistakable taste.

Peaches Jam

Aromatic, tasty and versatile. Keeps unaltered the tasty fresh fruit characteristics.

Plums Jam

Dense and rich, with intense scent, where tannic fruit notes prevail.


Chickpeas “Pascià”

Rigorously cultivated with biological method, our chickpeas in addition to being tasty are a full-fledged useful food for the heart and rich in beneficial properties.

Lentils “Eston Verdi”

Cultivated strictly with biological method of small size, flattened lenticular shape and green color. Tasty, easy to cook, with excellent antioxidant properties.


Green Olives “Nolca”

Black Olives “Nolca”

Rosè Olives “Leccino”