Gift Boxes

Elegant packaging, rustic boxes, multipacks, selections of our products to give all the flavor of Puglia. An idea for a special occasion or simply to make yourself a greedy gift.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin is a cultural revolution in its own right. Combining experience and change has been a gamble for us. The result is the production of a superior extra virgin olive oil obtained thanks to the loving care for the olive trees and the use of the most modern technologies in the sector.


Pasta of durum wheat semolina

We use only wheat grown in our fields in Puglia, a region that has always been dedicated to the production of high quality durum wheat and we decorate it in stone to produce semolina safer from the point of view of hygiene - health. We use Bronze to obtain a rough and tenacious dough with an excellent cooking resistance.

Apulian legumes

In autumn we sow. In May we go to our fields to check the good performance of the harvest. In the summer we cook, taste and select the best product. Because we know that in the same way that you want to eat well, you must follow the harvest well.

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