The Mystery of an ancient Alchemy

Some nights the stars turn on a new light and begin to dance to the sound of the Universe. In the firmament the elements align with the command of man and merge following ancient rituals. In the hands of the alchemist nothing is created and nothing is destroyed: suddenly in the darkness a roar, a tremor, a glow and the wonder is fulfilled.

Soft notes and decided to blend in Tremito: aromatic herbs and leaves of our centuries-old olive trees of Coratina create a unique balance and a bold taste.

Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Almond, Olive Leaves, Melissa, Mallow, Chicory Root, Bitter Orange.

Only one Earth

Our bottle is produced 100% using post-consumer recycled glass. Our choice is closely linked to our lifestyle: we have been farmers for three generations.

The cork is composed of a mixture of cork and activated carbon, a natural material capable of neutralizing the unwanted substances that come from cork, thus leaving the authentic flavor of our gin unchanged.

Create your Apulian drink

Tremito is perfect for your Gin Tonic accompanied by a tonic with light herbaceous hints and a few drops of our EVOO DOP Don Gioacchino.

You can also drink it strait to enjoy every single note of the wild botany of our countryside. Pair it with acidic juices like grapefruit and lime for a breath of fresh air.

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