The olives from which this extra virgin olive is produced are entirely traced and come from our company, 100% Apulian. The entire process, from harvesting to packaging, is carefully controlled and guaranteed.

Characteristics Oil

Extra virgin olive oil with a light green fruity, very delicate, with scents ranging from almond to tomato leaf. Sweet taste with bitter and spicy little present.

Recipe Acquasale

cherry tomatoes in half veraison
daisy onion
oregano from the park of Alta Murgia

Extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian Sabino Leone

cut the tomatoes into 4 strips of red onion and cucumbers crescent, get a dish, pour first water then oil, salt, emulsify everything and pour inside first the cherry tomatoes followed with cucumbers and finally add the onion and oregano. Mix everything and you will have a fresh lunch ideal for the summer.


We recommend storing it in the dark at a temperature of between 12 and 18 ºC. .

Weight 5 kg
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