Peranzana is an autochthonous Apulian cultivar, behind this variety there is Apulian culture and history. Being of double aptitude thanks to a high hazel pulp ratio, this cultivar has been and is used both by Mensa, in water and salt, and for the production in oil, contributing greatly to the economy of the territory.

The plant has an expanded habit of low vigor, lends itself very well to early harvesting, is a very rustic plant that prefers poor and calcareous soils.

The harvest usually takes place in October when the drupe is still green and unripe to ensure that all its organoleptic and health characteristics are preserved.

Being a delicate cultivar the milling is carried out with the utmost care trying not to make the dough oxidize using very low temperatures and plant saturation.

The oil yield of peranzana is very low, between 8 and 10 %, but it is compensated by the extreme quality.

The immediately filtered oil is stored in stainless steel silos at controlled temperature and under inert gas.

And then come packaged to order in our Can of 5l Monocultivar Peranzana.


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