Monocultivar of Frantoio, originally from Tuscany, is among the cultivars most uniformly spread throughout the country. It has fit well in our area due to its high vigor. First company Cultivar to be harvested, at the end of September early October. Because of these properties it is called in Canosa’s dialect the M'nenn (the child ). L M’nenn (la bambina o la ragazza).

"The quintessence of elegance typical of the fresh youth, gives to this extra virgin a fruitiness charac-terized by the scent of broken green wheat stem, very herbaceous, with a wild rocket aftertaste. Bal-anced bitter and spicy "

A very stylish extra virgin, clean and balanced. The fruitiness is very herbaceous; characterizing is the green of the wheat stalk. To the very harmonious taste with bitter and spicy and medium with wild rocket and bitter almond aftertaste.

Serving suggestions: Vegetable soups, vegetables, sweets chocolate, fried fish, spaghetti with fresh tomato.


100ml, 250ml, 500ml


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