“Safeguarding natural resources is essential for us to continue doing well our job. Protect the biodiversity means protecting the Earth. Protect our home.”

Climate change impacts agriculture directly, as it modifies the morphology of the territory and reduces the resources available in terms of usable land. The progressive loss of biodiversity endangers the ability of ecosystems to resist precisely these changes.

The industrial intensive agriculture model is not sustainable in the long run. It thus becomes essential to rethink our cultivation techniques and establish a virtuous relationship between the earth and man’s needs.
To guarantee a healthy, good and sustainable product, we have always invested in the sustainability of ours crops. Our integrated system stands out for the use of low impact agricutural practices and responsible use of fertilizers.

These practices, as well as guaranteeing the quality of our extra virgin olive oil, generate a less aggressive production cycle in ecological footprint terms. We also monitor the use of water resources. Water covers the 70% of the surface of our planet, but only the 2,5% of this is fresh. The agri-food industry is responsible for the consumption of about 90% of fresh water resources. Precision irrigation is certainly one of the interventions we implement to improve the efficiency of this sector and in particular the capillary subirrigation which reduces up to 60% the water consumption compared to traditional methods.

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