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Olive trees
“150 hectares of olive grove. This is the pride of our company. 220-year-old Coratina trees coexist on our land with young plants Peranzana, Frantoio and Carolea. “

Our olive trees yield fruit every year.
We collect olives when they are still green.

We harvest with self-propelled shakers that facilitate the work thanks to elastic rods,
and accompanying the movement of the branches.

La casa dell'olivicoltore
Frantoio - Sabino Leone


Immersed in the greenery, the oil mill is the perfect synthesis of our philosophy that seeks to constantly combine past and present, craftsmanship and innovation. Our company, with its modern structure and with its colors taken from nature, does not predominate, but lies harmoniously in the territory that hosts it, keeping its charm and poetry intact.


We are olive growers and the mill is our home. It is here that, under careful supervision, all the processes for the production of extra virgin olive oil take place. The detachment of the fruit from the plant marks the beginning of the transformation work.

Frantoio - Sabino Leone


“Each type of olives offers a different emotion, it is our job to enhance its characteristics. I compare our oil mill to a high-class tailoring, where details are fundamental and the attention is maximum. Only in this way is an extra virgin of superior quality born. “ From our olives there are 6 different types of produce, all different in terms of fruit characteristics. The obstinacy in producing a high-level extra virgin olive oil today brings the farm’s products to the best gastronomic corners in Italy and abroad.


After the harvest, the olives are immediately brought to the mill to be deprived of leaves and branches and subsequently washed to eliminate all external impurities.

Frantoio - Sabino Leone
Frantoio - Sabino Leone


This leads to the delicate phase of the pressing, in which the olives are crushed creating the so-called “pasta”. At this stage, maximum attention is paid to avoid any oxidation of the compound that can take place. Then the pasta passes into the kneaders where the oil molecules aggregate and the aromas are released. In this phase it is important to determine the kneading time and the temperature, strictly cold, to create agreat extra virgin olive oil.


The “pasta” is now ready to pass into the decanter, the true heart of the mill. Here, through a centrifugal force, the oil is separated from the pasta. The oil is now ready to pass into the separator where the last water residues are eliminated.

Frantoio - Sabino Leone
Frantoio - Sabino Leone


The oil is filtered to eliminate the last particles of impurities through cardboard filters. It is stored in tanks protected by inert gas in a room with controlled and constant temperature. The oil is now ready to be bottled. “Nature cannot be forced and it is up to us to unite it with patient gestures, to do all that make the product better, unique, inimitable.”

“Nature cannot be forced and it is up to us to unite it with patient gestures,
to do all that make the product better, unique, inimitable.”