“I never consider our company as a simple place to work. It is not just matter of collecting olives and transform them, but of a responsilble commitment.”

The great passion for nature, supported by the desire to produce an excellent quality olive oil led us on the path of innovation and we have soon become one of the most technologically advanced companies in the area without, however renouncing the memory teachings of traditional processing. For decades now we dedicate to the production of cereals and legumes, but it is the production of olive oil that draws our full attention. To enhance the olive heritage to the maximum, we are committed to the enhancement of native cultivars: we do this through the new olive groves which, together with the centuries-old olive groves of over 220 years of Coratina cultivar, are the pride of the company. And it is from these trees that our best extra virgin oil is born.

Each step of the production is meticulously followed for preserve the genuineness of the olive: from harvesting to storage, from defoliation and washing of the olives to cold pressing. This ours constant commitment in maintaining an high standard in every process, combined with natural vocation of ours company for sustainability, gives us a superior category extra virgin olive oil. We are ethically aware and socially responsible of the importance of our business choices starting from thos made in the field: our agricultural machinery are equipped with the latest generation of precision systems, interconnected to the farm and powered by low CO2 emission engines.

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