The Oil Mill


Immersed in the countryside, the olive oil mill is the perfect synthesis of our philosophy that seeks to continuously combine past and present, craftsmanship and innovation. Our company, with its modern structure and with its colors evoked by nature, does not predominate but rests harmoniously in the territory that hosts her keeping intact the charm and poetry.

The house of the olive grower

We are growers and the olive oil mill is our home. It’s here, under our punctual supervision, that all the processes for the production of the extra virgin take place. The detachment of the fruits from the plant marks the beginning of the transformation work.

Washing and defoliation

After harvesting the olives are taken immediately to the mill to be stripped of leaves and branches, and then washed to remove all external impurities.

Dough and aroma

We thus move to the delicate phase of pressing, in which the olives are crushed by creating the so-called “dough.” At this stage the focus is utmost to avoid any oxidation of the compound which has been created. Later on the dough goes to the mullers where the oil molecules are aggregated and the aromas are released.
In this phase it is important to determine the kneading time and the temperature, rigorously cold, to create a great extra virgin olive oil.

Quality extraction

The dough is now ready to go into the decanter, the real heart of the oil mill. Here through a centrifugal force the oil is separated from the dough.
The oil is now ready to go into the separator where the last residues of water are eliminated.

A wonder to be preserved

The oil is filtered to remove the last particles of impurities through to cardboard filters. It is stored in tanks projectiles from inert gas in a constant temperature-controlled room. The oil is now ready for bottling.