Oil List

Don Gioacchino- Grand Cru

Produced by a secular olive grove that presents olive trees of 220 years of Coratina, Cultivars Queen of Apulia, rich in natural antioxidants such as polyphenols. Named Don Don Gioacchino to pay homage to Gioacchino Leone, father of Sabino Leone and founder of the farm, has spent his whole life taking care of this olive grove, pride of the company.
The terroir is the host and gives to this extra virgin its aromatic and unique taste notes.

TStrong and austere temperament, aristocratic and measured, of manly spirit, very elegant with a prominent fruitiness of green olives, almond green, olive leaf. Intense and deep

An extra virgin very complex and harmonious; in the nose prevails green almond, accompanied by hints in slight identity like the artichoke stem, tomato leaves and officinal herbs. To the very balanced taste, with bitter and spicy much present and in harmony with each other with a taste of wild chicory and bitter almond.
Serving suggestions: red meat, vegetable soup, salad with radicchio and wild rocket, orecchiette pasta with turnip tops.

La Femm’n

Ogliarola Garganica Monocultivar, a native cultivar from Apulia that is produced from olive tress of 450 years, with an irregular disposition and with a few plants per hectare.
Fascinating and special plants that are able to take your breath away, for this reason in our dialect it’s called “La Femm’n”, that means “The Woman”.

Intriguing, special, sweet and tasty: an extra virgin olive oil (Oevo) with a fruity taste of white almond and golden apple, with a sweet but also a special taste and finally an Oevo with a hint of oregano and white fruit.

La Berafatt

Monocultivar of Carolea, centuries-old cultivar originally from Calabria and adopted throughout the south. Plant of remarkable poise assurgent and enlarged that makes the plant Majestic. The drupe is medium large, very pulpy, beautiful to behold. Called in the canosino dialect La Berafatt (The Beauty) because of its beauty.

“Kindness and grace, sinuous and seductive are part of the girl unaware of the unripe beauty, in the fruitiness of the green apple with hints of tomato leaves and white fruit. To the taste is sweet, aromatic, with aromas of thyme and marjoram.”

An extra virgin very delicate, fruity, light-medium with hints of white fruit green apple and tomato leaf, sweet and aromatic flavor with hints of aromatic herbs such as thyme, sour and spicy present but very contained.

Serving suggestions: fish, delicate dishes, desserts, light sauces.

La M’nenn

Monocultivar of Frantoio, originally from Tuscany, is among the cultivars most uniformly spread throughout the country. It has fit well in our area due to its high vigor. First company Cultivar to be harvested, at the end of September early October. Because of these properties it is called in canosa dialect The M’nenn (the child or the girl).

“The quintessence of elegance typical of the fresh youth, gives to this extra virgin a fruitiness characterized by the scent of broken green wheat stem, very herbaceous, with a wild rocket aftertaste. Balanced bitter and spicy. “

A very stylish extra virgin, clean and balanced. The fruitiness is very herbaceous; characterizing is the green of the wheat stalk. To the very harmonious taste with bitter and spicy and medium with wild rocket and bitter almond aftertaste.

Serving suggestions: Vegetable soups, vegetables, sweets chocolate, fried fish, spaghetti with fresh tomato.

La Patràun

Monocultivar of Peranzana, Puglia autochthonous cultivars, with considerable rurality, fits well in stony soils. The name “La Patraun”, canosa dialect name, is derived from “Mistress” meaning the countryside woman, the one who fits in, like this wonderful plant, in more rural environments.

“The eternal feminine is embodied in this extra virgin who speaks of sobriety of the country life with its fruitiness of tomato and artichoke leaf. The variegation, full of grace, smell / gustatory elevate The Patraun to the rank of high handcraft.”

A very “feminine” extra virgin, delicate but at the same time with character. To the nose a particular fruitiness, with hints of artichoke, tomato and cardoon leaf; while to the taste prevails the artichoke heart. Bitter and spicy content, in perfect balance between them.

Serving suggestions: fish, white meat, shellfish and seafood.

Ex Terra

Derived exclusively from plants grown and certified Organic with management and cultivation methods allowed in Bio. Called Ex Terra from the Latin “from the soil” to highlight the naturalness of this product.

“From the soil, the primordial and alchemical element, originates Ex Terra, material shaped by man’s dreams. Archaic roots evoked by his fruity almond and herbs of field, very aromatic and persuasive to the taste.”

A very persuasive extra virgin, with a fruity medium green almonds and herbs of field. To the spicy and bitter taste on average present, in equilibrium among them, with bitter almond aftertaste.

Serving suggestions: red meat, pasta, salads, vegetable soup, barley and rice

io vOgLIO

Extracted from olives produced by  healthy plants rigorously selected. It is called “Lo voglio” (I want it) because it is the product that everyone wants; that is, a product tailor made that could potentially “fit everyone”

“A very bright extra virgin, of great suggestion. Medium-light fruitiness very complex at aromatic level with hints of green almond, thistle, apple, unripe olives and a slight tomato leaf, with an aftertaste of wild herbs, sour and spicy content.”

An extra virgin complex for its olfactory variegation. We can enumerate, in the medium light fruitiness of this oil, scents that range from almond green to tomato leaf. The slightly bitter taste and spicy, with hints of wild herbs.

Serving suggestions: everyday  food, pasta, roasts, white meat and salads.