Sabino Leone

Don Gioacchino DOP

"Strong and austere temperament, aristocratic and measured, of virile spirit, very elegant with an authoritative fruity green olive, green almond, olive leaf. Intense and deep."

Produced from a centuries-old olive grove that has olive trees of over 220 years of Coratina, Regina della Puglia cultivar, rich in natural antioxidants such as polyphenols. Called Don Gioacchino to pay homage to Gioacchino Leone who, Father of Sabino Leone and founder of the farm, spent all his life caring for this olive grove, pride of the company. The terroir is the master and gives this extra virgin olive oil unique aromatic and taste notes. A very complex and harmonious extra virgin olive oil; the nose is dominated by green almond, accompanied by hints of slight importance such as artichoke stem, tomato leaf and medicinal herbs. The taste is very balanced, with bitter and spicy definitely present and in harmony with each other with hints of wild chicory and bitter almond.