Sabino Leone

La Berafàtt

"Kindness and grace, sinuosity and seduction of the girl unaware of the unripe beauty, in the fruity green apple with hints of tomato leaves and white fruit. The taste is sweet, aromatic, with aroma of thyme and marjoram."

Monocultivar di Carolea, a centuries-old variety native to Calabria and adopted throughout the south. Plant of remarkable posture assurgente and enlarged that makes the plant majestic. The drupe is medium large, very fleshy, beautiful to see. Named in the dialect of Canola La Berafàtt (the Bella) because of its beauty. A very delicate extra virgin, light-medium fruity with hints of white fruit, green apple and tomato leaf, sweet and aromatic taste with hints of aromatic herbs, bitter and spicy present but very contained.