Sabino Leone

La Patràun

"The eternal feminine is embodied in this extra virgin that speaks of the sobriety of country life, with its fruity tomato leaf and artichoke. The variety, full of grace, olfactory-gustatory elevates La Patràun to the rank of high craftsmanship."

Monocultivar di Peranzana, Apulian autochthonous cultivar, with a remarkable rurality, adapts well in stony soils. The name La Patràun, dialectal name of Canola, derives from the Mistress understood as the woman of the country, who adapts, like this wonderful plant, in the most rural environments. A very feminine extra virgin, delicate but at the same time of character. The nose is particularly fruity, with hints of artichoke, tomato leaf and thistle; while the taste is dominated by the heart of artichoke. Bitter and spicy contents, in perfect balance between them.