Apulian Limited Edition

In this special edition, we want to pay tribute to our land, celebrating its rich history and rooted traditions. The majestic Murgia barese, with its arid hills and fertile valleys, is a dedicated guardian of the centuries-old olive groves that thrive under the warm sun of Puglia. Immersed in this unique landscape, we carefully collect the best fruits that the generous land offers us. Every drop of this precious extra virgin is the result of a deep bond with nature and respect for the ancient agricultural practices that have shaped our gastronomic identity.

The bottle that holds our extra virgin olive oil is not just a container, but a work of art in finely decorated glass. Closing your eyes, you can let yourself be carried away on a sensory journey, savoring the tradition and authenticity of the Land of Puglia. The rooster, ancient symbol of this land, the wheat that makes our fields golden, the artichoke, the wild fennel, the wild herbs of the Murgia, everything has the flavor of history and peasant tradition. Try it, in its packaging produced with FSC certified materials, for a classy gift or to embellish your wedding with an exclusive wedding favor. Contact us to discover the possibilities of customization.